What I've learned from Sashko Stubailo (Apollo/Meteor)

July 19, 2018

I have been following Meteor for a while. I remember when Sashko Stubailo started working on Apollo because:

Sashko communicated clearly, openly, and with empathy.

This communication stood out from other voices on dev twitter at the time (even now). So much so that it struck a chord with me.

I remember seeing a tweet talking to the community about using Redux as an internal engine for Apollo. I was used to companies keeping their architecture and development conversations under wraps - but this openness was something different. It encouraged me to share my learnings and invite others into the work I was doing.

I think it reflects positively on the Meteor organization - that they value openness and invite developers to take part in the process of the tools they build. I also think this attitude helped Apollo rise to where it is today.

Cheers Sashko and best of luck on your next endeavor.

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